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WOLF3 Labs

At the heart of everything we do is making web3 better. So what drives us isn’t tweeting GMs. It’s creating something that is going to improve web3 fundamentally.
Co-founder, the CEO of WOLF3, has 15+ years of corporate management, running big and small teams on million-dollar projects. He is additionally skilled in FIGMA & Data mining, negotiation, business planning, public speaking, and product design.

He successfully launched a fashion jewelry brand with multiple locations globally. A true Web3 believer, he holds influential positions in prominent DAOs in the web3 space. Notable previous employment is at Corporate Development in a top manufacturing group and Manulife as an Actuary. Exited a succesful  customized physical goods online startup 4 years ago.

An experienced senior data scientist and machine learning professional with 15+ years of professional experience and technical background. Lead Developer at WOLF3.

A full-stack developer with a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth and expansion throughout his career and a natural aptitude for product ownership and creating innovative machine learning and statistical modeling initiatives. Ability to drive impactful projects into fruition.

Notable previous employment at Hang Seng Bank, FedEx, and Moneris as a programmer and developer.

He is an early crypto adopter / NFT enthusiast and the Collaboration & Community Developer of WOLF3.
Professional, with expertise in operations and management.

Kai is an experienced marketer, analysts and trader since 2019. With a strong history of working with high end companies, launching successful marketing campaigns . As of now, he leads the inner community of wolf3 and handles PR relations. Additionaly actively working for the largest web3 community “MBM” to lead their business development.

Additionally Kai has over 3+ years experience of web3 marketing, data analytics, and has shown ability effectively lead teams and drive social growth.

Co-founder & CFO of WOLF3, has more than 11 years of experience in Investment Banking Sales & Trading with various banks. He advised APAC blue chip corporate clients to mitigate forex and interest rate risks of their liabilities. He started trading cryptocurrency in 2018 and dabbing into many de-fi protocols, such as AAVE.

Macro Au - a CTO of WOLF3, co-founded Toasty AI, which initially raised USD 5 million and was later acquired in mid-2022.
Additionally, the CTO of Cloudwork, he led the development of the AI-powered document management & contract analysis suite, also a Microsoft Partner and ISO 27001-certified.

A professional who combines design skills with technical knowledge to create innovative solutions. Felix bridge the gap between designers, developers, and business to ensure design and technology work together. He create low-fidelity prototypes to test ideas before full development.

Kumo x world founder
Artist, Web Developer, Entrepreneur.
Establish good rapport in both IRL and Web3 communities.
0n1force ceo
Award Winning Commercial Producer (Apple, Samsung, Nike), Executive Producer at Luminous Media, CEO of MetaComica
myosin product manager
Early Crypto Aopter, Developer and Marketer.
Ex-Bitmex. Ex-Bitshares. Ex-Virgin Media. Ex-ITV.
founding member ogac
Head manager of a DAO holding more than USD3million in crypto assets. Early Crypto Adopter
Viu TV Sgiw talk host
Top Web3, Crypto Influencer in Asia communities. Kiki Trade Founding Member. Created Investman DAO.
Soso Marketing CEO,  AI marketing tools creator.
Digital Marketing Expert with 1000+ Companies Trained
damascus production
Co-founder of Damascus, revolutionizing the entertainment scene in Asia through the use of  Musical NFT Web3 events.
harry walker senior vp
He played a role in Endeavor's acquisition (Endeavor's Net Worth USD15 billion) of the Harry Walker Agency and restructuring.