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What is WOLF3 Mission?

WOLF3 is dedicated to revolutionizing the Web3 landscape through unwavering support of an accessible and sustainable future. We strive to harness the full potential of innovation and creativity to cultivate a mutually beneficial economy.


What is WOLF3 Vision?

WOLF3 is committed to revolutionizing the Web3 experience by empowering individuals to turn their Web3 dreams into reality. Our platform is designed to seamlessly facilitate Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) payments and shopping on Web3, delivering a smooth and effortless experience for all.


Who leads the development of WOLF3? How is it funded?

Meet EricF, the co-creator of WOLF3, who brings a wealth of experience, having successfully exited a web2 startup and a track record of 15+ years in corporate management. Skilled in figma, data mining, sass, business planning, public speaking, and product design. WOLF3 is financially backed by a strong team of shareholders and partners.


What utilities can holders of the WOLF3 passes expect to receive?

The WOLF3 pass grants holders full access to our dAPP, Buy Now, Pay Later services, and exclusive access to closed events and whitelist opportunities, among other perks. We are also reserving certain additional utilities for holders of the Alpha and Genesis passes, which will be revealed on a weekly basis. Additionally, access to our server will be restricted to pass holders only after minting.


Where can the WOLF3 BNPL dAPP portal be accessed?

The WOLF3 portal dAPPis currently in its user acceptance testing phase and is available on the Ethereum Goerli Testnet for BNPL transactions. Be among the first to test the portal by joining our Discord community. Once the WOLF3 Access Pass is released, we will officially launch on the Ethereum Mainnet.


On which blockchain is the WOLF3 marketplace, pass, and contract built?

WOLF3's marketplace/aggregator, pass, and contract are built on the Ethereum Mainnet as it is the most widely used cryptocurrency in the Web3 space and offers a high level of security and reliability.


Is the Wolf3 team "doxed" or publicly disclosed?

All members of the Wolf3 team are fully doxed and legally backed to ensure the safety of all participants on our platform. More information about our team can be found here.


How many passes are WOLF3 releasing onto the blockchain?

WOLF3 plans to launch a limited supply of 3333 blockchain passes, including there're Alpha and Genesis passes. The rarity of these passes will be revealed at a later time.


How does the Buy Now Pay Later work?

"Buy now, pay later" scheme is explained in more detail here, which includes graphics to aid understanding. The system will also be available for use on our platform shortly after minting.


In the worst case scenario, what happens if WOLF3 declare bankruptcy?

In the event of a worst-case scenario, where WOLF Company declares bankruptcy, all existing loans will still be honored as they are on smart contracts and on the blockchain. Additionally, all amounts owing to liquidity providers are also recorded on the blockchain protocol. In theory, as long as there are funds in the liquidity pool, the "Buy now, pay later" system can continue to run indefinitely.


When is the planned mint date for the WOLF3 passes?

The minting date for Wolf3 has yet to be confirmed as we are carefully assessing the market conditions to ensure the best possible launch for our active community. More information will be made available on our website, Medium articles, and Twitter threads in the near future. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss specific details, please feel free to open a ticket.